Advertise your business on, Mallorca's leading guide, millions of visitors will be able to see your business.


How do we do it?

We visit you to get to know your products or services well and thus make a publication on that defines your business well and is attractive to the public.

How do people find you?

The guide receives millions of visits a year. Along with information on excursions, markets, beaches, towns ... we recommend nearby businesses.

In the guide there are sections on eating and drinking, shopping, leisure ... It is very easy to use, it is in the main languages and it has geolocation.

We also work on your positioning on the internet (SEO) so that people can find you quickly.

A spectacular product

We publish your business on for one year. During this time our team works on the advertisement of your business so that it is always visible. We maintain direct contact to carry out all the necessary updates in order to always offer updated information about your business.


Annual price

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